The 2015 Rugby World Cup may well not have  gone the way England rugby or indeed the Nation as a whole, would have wanted or wish for.

However one team’s failure to perform and match expectations must not detract from what otherwise was a spectacular tournament, showcasing what World Rugby has to offer and reinforcing more strongly than ever, just what a magnificent game Rugby Union really is.

We must all rejoice and admire, more than ever, in the virtues and tremendous attributes the game offers and really look to build on what we trust will be a fantastic legacy stemming from Rugby World Cup 2015.

With the above firmly in mind, we have launched The Beginners Guide to Rugby Video series. [link to actual page]

The Beginners Guide series is a comprehensive, yet light touch coverage of the great game of rugby starting with the origins and history of the game. Moving through to the players, the kit they wear, the positions they occupy and then addresses some of the key rules, strategies and set pieces of the game such as the scrum, line-out and breakdown areas of the game. As well as tackling, forward passes and rules around knocking on the ball.

The Beginners Guide to Rugby video series is completely free-to-air.

It has not been designed as a training guide nor was it ever intended to be a definitive, in-depth, all encompassing guide to the rules and regulations of rugby. Instead the structure of The Beginners Guide is targeted at people young and old, male or female who are either completely or virtually new to rugby and who want to have a better understanding of the game.

Written and narrated by James Haskell, Wasps and England, the video, although comprehensive in its detail and coverage, is fast moving, informative and interesting with the simple ambition of making the game easy to understand. As a consequence enabling people to appreciate the spectre and garner the enjoyment and excitement the game so richly provides.

The structure of the box set is there is one, comprehensive, main video, which is some twenty minutes in duration and covers most of everything anyone new to the game would ever to need to know about rugby to enjoying watching it.

There are then thirteen short supporting, single topic videos, which cover just the specific area of the game, as defined by the video title, such as the line-out, scrum, mauls, tackling and so forth.

View the Videos HERE.

For those possibly interested in actually taking up the game or if you already play the game but want to step-up a level then James Haskell’s latest EBook “An Introduction to Becoming and Remaining RugbyFit” is a must have read. Priced at just £39.99 this near one hundred pages, fully illustrated, book covers all aspects of what it takes to get yourself into shape, safely, effectively and comprehensively.

Learn More HERE.

– Entry was posted on October 23rd, 2015 by James Haskell

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