Beginners Guide to Rugby Video Series

The Beginners Guide to Rugby is exactly as the name suggests. The film has been created for people, young and old, male or female who are either completely new to the sport or have just started to take an interest in this wonderful game. In either case they want to develop a better understanding of the basics of Rugby Union.

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The Beginners Guide to Rugby is a comprehensive, yet light touch introduction to the great game of Rugby, starting with the origins and history of the game. Moving through to the players, the kit they wear, the positions they occupy on the field and finally onto the nuances and dynamics of the game itself.

Specifically designed for those who may be completely new to the game or have little or no idea about the rules or structure of the game. The Beginners Guide to Rugby video addresses some of the key rules, strategies and set pieces of the game such as the scrum, line-out and breakdown areas of the game. As well as tackling, forward passes and the rules around knocking on the ball and much more.

Written and narrated by James Haskell, Wasps and England, the video, although comprehensive in its detail and coverage, is fast moving, informative and interesting with the simple ambition of making the game easy to understand. As a consequence enabling people to appreciate the spectre and garner the enjoyment and excitement the game so richly provides.

The Beginners Guide to Rugby is exactly this. It is targeted at people young and old, male or female who are either completely or virtually new to rugby and who want to have a better understanding of the game.

Perhaps they just want a little background insight into the sport, so when they watch it live or on television, it all becomes that little bit clearer as a result more enjoyable. Possibly they may want to go along and support their local team or club, so want to better understand what the game is all about. Perhaps they may even have been inspired to consider taking up actually playing but just want to understand what they are letting themselves in for!

The Beginners Guide to Rugby video series is completely free-to-air. It has not been designed as a training guide nor was it ever intended to be a definitive, in-depth, all encompassing guide to the rules and regulations of rugby. Instead the structure of The Beginners Guide video series is to simply introduce the key elements and ingredients of the game, covering off the key aspects of the game in sufficient detail, to ensure everyone who watches the video is able to get a good feel and understanding as to what the game is all about, how it plays out and how points are scored to determine a winner.

Then if they need to remind themselves as to any particular aspect of the game they can view the relevant individual video as per the topic list shown below. The structure of the videos is that there is one comprehensive, main video, which is some twenty minutes in duration and covers most of everything you need to know about rugby to enjoying watching it, in an A to Z approach. There are then thirteen short supporting, single topic videos, which cover just the specific area of the game, as defined by the video title, such as the line-out, scrum, mauls, tackling and so forth.

The Individual videos are as follows:

- Brief HISTORY of the game of rugby
- Introduction to rugby kit and what PLAYERS wear to play the game
- Explanation of the TEAM structure. Details about the positions, roles and key responsibilities of the individual players within the team
- Explanation about the dimensions of the PITCH and the markings/zones which are used
- Explanation about OPEN PLAY - TACKLING and what needs to happen when a tackle has been made
- What constitutes a RUCK and what happens as a consequence
- What constitutes a MAUL. What happens as a consequence and how it differs from a RUCK - What is a SCRUM. How it is set-up and works. Who are the key players and the exit strategies
- The LINE OUT. Why it’s awarded. Who’s involved. What do they do and what happens when they do it.
- Introduction to the SCORING system in rugby. How points are scored. How many points are awarded and for doing what.
- What role does the REFEREE play. What referees look out for and when the whistle is blown, what do some of their key hand signals mean
- What constitutes FOUL PLAY and how is it punished.

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