Basic Introduction to the Fundamentals of Nutrition

Basic Introduction to the Fundamentals of Nutrition

Fitness and health have become my life over the last 12 years through playing professional rugby. I have been lucky to work and train with some of the best conditioning coaches and athletes out there. It’s a passion of mine that has crossed from being part of my job, to a hobby, as well as now being a business for me.

I set-up a blog some years ago now  offering training tips, guest programmes from top trainers and nutritional advice from some of the leading experts in their field, with the simple goal of getting even the most laidback individuals back on track.

It was all about making things very simple and clear, so people could adopt healthy living as a positive lifestyle, without getting bogged down in layers of complication.

This proved popular, so I set-up my bespoke fitness, health and training site  

All I ever seem to get asked about on twitter, are questions relating to these three core topics. So what I am going to provide you with are some complementary weekly tips about training and nutrition.

First things first - for me all fitness goals can be simply split into the following percentages of importance: Nutrition and Diet being 70% with Training 30%.

Secondly, you can’t underestimate just how important the following tips are when seeking to lose weight; wanting to get bigger or just becoming or staying healthy.

  • - Always start the day with a good breakfast. It doesn't matter how busy you are, you can easily boil a kettle and have some porridge. Maybe with some nuts, seeds and scoop of protein powder. This sets up everything for you for the rest of your day. 

    Fact - if you don't start off with a good source of protein; eggs for example or some good, slow release carbs. You don't feed your immune system and as a result you will spend the rest of the day craving sugar.

  • - Avoid any processed food. The golden rule is - if it’s white, steer well clear. Bread, white rice, white pasta and especially all things sugar. For those of you wanting to lose weight, this is a massive factor.
  • - Always try to achieve a nutritious, balanced diet. Ensure you eat meat and fish with a good serving of vegetables. Get used to adding these to every meal. Broccoli, green beans and spinach are key.
  • - Try to eat little and often throughout the day. Aim for 4/5 meals, as opposed to 3 big ones. Also don't get bogged down in the timings of these. Eat when you are hungry but don’t over-eat!
  • - Hydration is key. You need to constantly ensure you drink enough water throughout the day. 3 litres per day is the goal - Don't opt for fizzy drinks and avoid too much tea or coffee.

Get to grips with the above and there will be more good stuff to follow over the coming weeks and months.

– Entry was posted on November 1st, 2015 by James Haskell

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