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My name is Sara Malm

I am a 25-year-old journalist from London.

Born in Sweden, I was raised in a suburb close to the capital Stockholm.

As a child I was absolutely useless at anything that involved physical activity, which in combination with a terrible relationship with food as a teenager wasn’t the best start.

I was one of those periodic gym-goers from 16 to 21, but when I got my first sedentary job three years ago I had to start taking my physical exercising a bit more seriously.

I moved to London aged 18 and have lived here for just over six years. I moved to chase the dream and I became… a cocktail waitress!

As disappointing as this was to my parents back home in Sweden, it opened up a new world for me and today the hospitality industry and its food and drink – mainly gin, tequila, single malt and cocktails – are my great passions in life.

Growing up I was more into books and music than sports – apart from horses and dance classes. I only started really hitting the gym on a regular basis while studying for my journalism degree in 2010.

In my final year, I started working as a reporter at Mail Online, where I’ve now been for three and half years in a job that sees me report on everything from international politics and the European refugee crisis (and the off cocktail feature), the gym has become even more important.

As well as ensuring that my back won’t break in half before I turn 50, lifting weights, punching bags and sweating it out on the cross trainer have become crucial for my mental health and letting off steam.

Following a recommendation from a friend, I started using James Haskell Health and Fitness female focused pre-trainer Hella as a little boost to help me train in December 2013 and have been hooked on it ever since!

Being a journalist, my training and instincts make me naturally curious about things. I was aware a high degree of sports supplements out there in the market, contain varying degrees of additives to achieve the desired “buzz”. However I am equally well educated with enough basic common sense to know that the desired “buzz” comes with a host of potential and in some cases very serious pitfalls.

I had seen enough negative stuff coming across the news desk at the Mail Online about the dangers of supplements to know I needed to be very careful what I took. Especially as I was aware that aside from those who deliberately contaminated their product with the addition of additive, I also knew that a staggeringly high percentage of products, some 10% in total, of all supplements, were inadvertently contaminated as a consequence of poor manufacturing processes and practices.

So following my friend’s recommendation I did some research [Okay, it’s a habit!!] on JHHF supplements and Hella in particular. I discovered the product it had been developed by James Haskell the rugby player along with his male version, Hades, which he had developed for his own use.

So that was a plus and a positive start. I knew that professional rugby players, along with most professional sportsman and athletes, were part of the mandatory WADA [World Anti Doping Agency] drug testing protocol. So logic dictated that someone who had developed their own product and who was liable to be randomly drug-tested at any given moment was hardly likely to include anything which would fail a stringent drug test.

I also found out that aside from the product being completely pure and additive free, containing only natural ingredients, all JHHF supplement products were subject to the stringent and rigorous Informed Sport batch testing process.

So I learnt that the Informed Sport symbol on a product was about as safe a guarantee as existed that the product was absolutely safe to take. The rest as they say is history.

So I am now incredibly honoured to be asked to be a Brand Ambassador for James Haskell Health & Fitness with a remit to tell my story from the other side of the fence. As well as to hopefully inspire other women and men for that matter, to take up some form of exercise.

I am going to be the guinea pig trail blazer, on the premise that if I can do it anyone can. It is just a question of making the commitment. Finding the time – never easy but eminently doable, if you are serious in wanting to make a change and then sticking with it.

No one said it would be easy and as the old saying goes there is no pain without gain but as hopefully some of my post effort pictures show, the results and outcome is definitely worth it.

So stay tuned – watch the News Feed for details of my postings and together we will make it happen!

Check out how Sara is getting on with the Lean Gains Challenge HERE

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