Josh B

As a professional writer with a passion for health, fitness and nutrition, it was always inevitable that I would combine these two passions to build a career. The more I have learned over the years about health and fitness, the more I have wanted to share that knowledge in order to help others get the best possible results.

After seeing the world of health and fitness explode with information over the past few years, I wanted to make it my job to cut through all the confusion and make things simple, easy to follow, and above all else, enjoyable. After all, if you can't enjoy the process, what's the point of it all anyway?

Working with JHHF allows me to reach a unique group of high achievers, people who want the very best results and are prepared to put in the hard work to get them. It's an awesome community which keeps me inspired to deliver fresh, engaging content on the regular to keep us all on track.

I try to challenge my body every day and play a range of different sports to keep it guessing. I love weight training, calisthenics, HIIT training and watersports. Before you ask what is calisthenics. The answer is calisthenics is a form of exercise where you use the weight of your own body to build muscle.

I'm also a keen chef and love nothing more than getting in the kitchen to create healthy meals for friends and family!

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