Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 8

Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 8

Week 8 got off to a terrible start as I had managed to bust my back whilst horse-riding in Argentina the week before.

I have a curved spine as a result of a car accident and work, sitting in front of a computer at a desk - sometimes with little to no break between 8am and 5pm.

Both of these are factors as to why my back is a problem area for me and getting back in a western saddle again for the first time in years, was not entirely welcomed. (But trust me the pain was worth it)

As my father before me - who started properly lifting weights in his 40’s after suffering a ruptured disc - I have found the best way to fix back pain is through the gym.

During both Monday and Tuesday warm-ups I was ready to give up before I had even started, as even just ten minutes on a treadmill send shooting pains through my back.

However, I persisted with long stretches after each session and now, as I kick off Week Nine, the pain is completely gone.

What about results though? Well, Two steps forward due to the programme and one step back due to me.

It's really not rocket science; eat and train properly = visible abs. Although it really helps when the detail and outcomes are spelt out in such a simple and compelling way, in the manner James does.

However my bad. When you go to Argentina and eat all the pasta and bread, your abs go away. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it - so of course I look less defined than I did in week 5.

BUT the huge plus - I am stronger than ever!

In Week 1 I proudly managed one dumbbell press ups with a pair of 4kgs - and now I smash 10x10 holding two 10kg dumbbells!

As Week Nine begins I’m starting to feel like I am on the home stretch, with just four weeks to go.

However, unlike most fitness challenges I have done, I’m not longing for this one to be over.

In fact, James Haskell’s Lean Gains BodyBuilding Programme has encouraged me to branch out.

I am definitely planning on keeping on a number of the routines once the 12 weeks come to an end.


– Entry was posted on May 4th, 2016 by James Haskell

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