Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 5

Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 5

Week 5

Sometimes you look upon a day and know from the off that it'll be like wading upstream through a never-ending torrential mudslide of c***s and imbeciles.

And then, you get to the gym and decide that enough is enough. And you;

a) equal your squat PB for the first time in over six months (3x60kg) and then

b) do it THREE TIMES IN A ROW, before

c) setting a new PB: 3x65kg

That was my LeanGains Week 5 Sunday and pretty accurately describes how the whole week went.

A giant roller-coaster of “YAASS QUEEN Monday”, followed by “Holy Shit Tuesday” and then “Oh, Just F*** This Wednesday”, which could all be linked straight to disrupted sleep and not being able to eat properly at the right times (Tuesday was so busy at work I ‘treated myself’ to a wee four hours into my shift).

All this unsurprisingly led to the biggest downer of the week: “Beached Whale Saturday”.

I have the same relationship with the scales as I have with the MailOnline celebrity sidebar – I’m obsessed with it, even thought I’m technically not supposed to and I hate how much I love it, revel in new updates and constantly look for news.

Stepping on the scales on Saturday of Week 5 and seeing that I put on 5lbs was a massive mindfuck for me and it is taking every ounce of self restraint not to step on it twice a day now. Because obviously its not 5lbs of fat – it’ll be musclemass and water retention – but unlearning an obsessive behaviour is hard. Especially when you’ve taught your brain to associate low weight with good, with all the dopamine flowing on mornings when I step on the scales and it’s a number below 68kg.

Thankfully, Week 5’s “Beached Whale Saturday” was followed by “Personal Best Sunday”, a huge achievement for me. And that is what I’ve chosen to take away from it.

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– Entry was posted on April 5th, 2016 by James Haskell

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