Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 4

Sara Malm Lean Gains Review - Week 4

I used to exercise to get skinny.

To force my body to fit into other people's expectations of beauty. To get the attention of whatever London drink-slinger I had my eyes on at the time.

And while I would never deny that I get a massive kick out of seeing results in the mirror, in days like those of Week 4, exercise is much more than sculpting ass-muscles and abs: it's a lifesaver.

I work as a foreign news reporter. As a result, Week 4 was dominated by the atrocities in Brussels and the aftermath. No further questions, Your Honour.

Day and night, I am on my phone. Constantly getting push notifications from news apps, checking social media and pinging emails. It's just as much my job as it is an addiction: always being updated on the latest.

Actually probably more of an addiction if I'm honest. 

It's a great addition to suffer from - when I'm working. But when I'm on set 7 of 10x35kg deadlifts, not so much. News updates buzzing makes me lose focus, so I've made them stop.

As I recognise  I have a problem with leaving my phone alone, being in the gym where I have no reception and can switch off the wifi is a healthy break for my brain, as well as a help in making sure I train properly.

Week 4 was much more about using LeanGains to stay sane and focused than it was about flexing for progress selfies.

And even though it was the second 'high intensity' LeanGains week, I found it easier (oxymoron, I know) as the routine is beginning to stick. 

As there are fewer exercises(but with more reps) I've now learned the sessions off by heart and so am not checking my phone every five minutes to see which exercise is up next.

Less screen time, more squat time. 

I was really pleased when 30kg backsquats didn't kill me during the second legs session, so the goal for Week 5 is to move up to 35kg backsquats and 40kg deadlifts. And then there's that chin-up I said I would do... 

Abs progress is - as you can see - on target. Mohaha.

– Entry was posted on March 31st, 2016 by James Haskell

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