Hella Post-Holiday Fitness Challenge

Hella Post-Holiday Fitness Challenge

I used to be fit. No, really. I used to have abs and everything.

But then summer came, and with it came a seemingly unquenchable thirst for Prosecco and long nights on balconies. I still managed to stay in somewhat of a shape, but then I met this guy and suddenly it became a much more attractive prospect to spend all night talking over a(okay, seven) Clover Club(s) rather than spend two hours in a basement gym. Still, everything was fine, fitness-wise – until I went on holiday.

I did not go anywhere near a gym for weeks, and I returned to the UK to face a rather unpleasant truth. Four and a half of them in fact. I knew I would have gained weight over my holiday, but foolishly I had hoped that as I would not have done any weight-lifting that I would lose enough muscle to even things out. Yeah, how about no.

I stepped onto the scales on Monday, having taken every possible measure of fooling myself: I was naked, I had been to the bathroom, I hadn’t drunk any water since Sunday afternoon – I even took my glasses off, but no. 71.6kg (11st, 4lbs) – a nice and neat 4.5kg(10lbs) more than the start of June.

Now, I am by no means fat, even with an extra ten pounds on me, but they are extra – and I don’t want them to stick around for too long.

Fortunately, I can enlist the help of an expert – the one and only James Haskell – to whip me back into shape, and as my trusty tub of Hella, which I have been using as both a pre-trainer and fat burner for over 1,5 years, has helped me sort my fitness out in the past, I know I can rely on it.

Having had some serious issues with food and scales pretty much my entire life, I am determined to do this the right way, nice and healthily and at a decent pace – absolutely no crash dieting and counting calories.

In terms of my two great loves – bacon and gin – they will most definitely still be a major presence in my life. By cutting down my starchy carbs, the bacon can stay, and the gin face can be allowed in public twice a week. Maybe thrice. Maybe.

James is giving me eight weeks.

Time to get #HellaFit.

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– Entry was posted on September 1st, 2015 by James Haskell

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