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To create a range of professional training and supplement products I believe in, use and recommend to others James Haskell



We do this delivering professional fitness and nutrition advice in a simple, clear and easy to understand format. In conjunction with the development of our own range of clean and certified sports supplements, this allows the individual to achieve the lifestyle balance, which is right for them.

Remember it’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday.

Who Is James Haskell?

James Haskell is an internationally renowned athlete and professional rugby player, with extensive experience of playing at the highest level all around the world. Well known for his performances on the pitch, it is James’ elite athleticism and commanding physique that has seen him become one of the most recognisable sportsmen of his generation.

James’ rugby career has seen him play for leading teams in London, Paris, Japan and New Zealand, and to date he has earned 61 (and counting!) international caps for his country. His globetrotting endeavours have seen him work closely with some of the world’s best coaches, trainers and nutritionists, allowing James to amass a wealth of knowledge that enables him to remain at the very top of his game. James’ passion for nutrition and training has held the key to his continued success; and it is this burning passion that has seen the development of one of the most cutting-edge, dynamic fitness brands in the world today – James Haskell Health and Fitness.

The JHHF Philosophy

JHHF is more than just a health and fitness brand; it is a community for elite athletes to share their expert knowledge and help you to reach the very top of your game. JHHF offers no shortcuts or magic pills, but it provides a platform that, when combined with hard work and dedication, will enable you to reach your true athletic potential. Nothing is easy, but anything can be achieved.

To support your training and athletic goals, JHHF have created a bespoke range of supplements to accelerate your progress and maximise your performance. Researched by expert nutritionists and all personally advocated by James himself, the JHHF product range is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about in the health and fitness industry today.

Core Principles

The JHHF brand has been built on a number of defining principles that remain at the very core of what we do:

Quality: At JHHF, we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of both the products we make and the service that we offer. We will never prioritise profit margins over effectiveness, and as such, use only the finest, research-backed ingredients in all of our products. There are no hidden agendas at JHHF; every single piece of advice we provide is designed to help you become a better athlete.

Purity: Purity is priority at JHHF, which means no questionable ingredients and no side effects. All of our products are carefully designed to improve your athletic performance and enhance your health. After all, shouldn’t the two go hand in hand?

Safety: The entire JHHF product range is Informed Sport Certified as a testament to their safety. Informed Sport are the most discerning certifier in the industry, taking into account everything from the manufacturing facility, raw materials, supply chain and the finished product itself.

Results: Crucially, JHHF was set up to deliver serious results. With a combination of elite level fitness advice and a pioneering supplement range, JHHF provides a platform like no other to help you reach your true athletic potential.

Why Choose JHHF?

At JHHF, we truly believe that health and fitness is a way of life. The JHHF lifestyle goes far beyond eating well and training hard; it embodies the mentality of focus, determination and dedication, be it in your sport, career, or just life in general.

Built on the collective wisdom of leading athletes, world-renowned nutritionists, elite performance coaches, and of course, James himself, JHHF is a community for those looking to stand head and shoulders above the competition. JHHF provides the tools to help you look, feel, and perform at the very highest level. All we ask from you is to have the unbreakable determination and dedication to do so.



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