Abdominal Workout With Sara Malm Part 1

Abdominal Workout With Sara Malm Part 1

The latest video on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/thejameshaskell is all about an abdominal workout.

I am taking Sara Malm a fitness enthusiasts and Daily Mail Online foreign correspondent through her paces. Sara really enjoys her training and whilst she has been working out for a while, she is by no means a professional. I have tried to give her a taster of a few different exercises that will help develop her abs.

Sara has been taking our Hella supplements (female pre-trainer) which if you visit www.JamesHaskell.com you can find out more about. She takes it pre-training and through out the day to boost her energy and help her burn fat.

We have split this video into two parts, so stayed tuned for the second part, coming next week. The best way to stay in touch with what we do, is to follow us on twitter @JamesHaskellHF or our website www.JamesHaskell.com. If you like the YouTube videos that you can subscribe to our channel www.youtube.com/thejameshaskell.

One thing that I always say about people who are trying to get abs or a Six-Pack is remember two things.

Firstly we all have abs in some form. However if you have a high body fat and don't understand your nutrition needs which basically means you are not eating the right things in the right way, then sadly you will never see them.

So you can do all the workouts you want but you will never get them by just doing sit-ups alone. The second thing to remember is that you work your abdominals and "core" all the time when training. So when you do your big compound lifts, your abs are also working. You can achieve just as effective results by doing exercise such as deadlifts, squats, pull-ups and rows and the like.

Having a strong core does help when you are playing rugby. You need the strength in that mid-section to help you withstand tackles, provide tension when running and generally be strong.

If you want to follow today's session as shown on the YouTube Video then here is the workout. Make sure you put a real emphasis on technique and getting these things right. In truth I would have liked a little more time with Sara to really get her nailing the movements but generally she performed pretty well.

For this session you can either do all the exercise in a circuit or you can do each one individually three times. You can do this session after your normal workouts or you can do it at the end of another workout.

Obviously you may need to adjust the reps and sets, depending on your current workload. This part 1 works really nicely as a session bolt on, i.e. you add it into your existent training plan.


1. Full Body Crunches - Perform 10-20 reps of these. X 3 sets. Make sure you work slowly.
2. Pilates ring, or med ball crunches - 10 reps of these. X 3 sets.
3. Partner Medball Side Passes. 10 passes each side. X 3 sets
4. Overhead Medball Slams 10 slams. X 3 sets

Make sure you rest between 45 seconds to 1 minute between each set.

Stay tuned for the second part of the workout which will be published on The Huffington Post on Monday the 21st September.

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