'A Sportsman's View' By Ashley Johnson - London Wasps and South Africa

When Hask first told me about Hades, the pre-trainer supplement he had developed for his own use, I was very skeptical - what does he know about developing supplements? However I saw him taking it regularly before training and witnessed some pretty explosive sessions.

Once he had convinced me it was all pure, with each batch officially WADA tested by Informed Sport to guarantee the product's safety, I was onboard.

Now I certainly don't want to talk Hask up too much, his head is big enough, but I have to say this is a amazing product. I take a tablet 40 minutes before the start of training, as I feel it genuinely gives me a real boost and drive, enabling me to take my training up another notch.

The demands of professional rugby are tough and we all need a boost. I know a number of other players take it as well and from what they tell me, they also feel they are getting some pretty amazing results. I also use it to keep my bodyfat mills down, which is sometimes an area I struggle with.

Personally I can't speak highly enough about Hades and now I also take it before every match, instead of caffine and other supplements. I would like to think my recent performances at Wasps are testament to the power of Hades.

Ashley Johnson
London Wasps and South Africa

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