8 reasons why women should play rugby

8 reasons why women should play rugby

On the back of the England Women’s World Cup triumph last year, more and more women around the country are now strapping on their rugby boots to take part in what was once considered to be a male dominated sport.

With the stigma surrounding female rugby players well and truly dismantled and participation firmly on the increase, just one question remains. Why haven’t you started playing?

If you’re on unsure about starting your own rugby adventure, here are 8 reasons you should get involved now!

  1. It’s the best workout of your life: Forget Legs, Bums and Tums at your local fitness centre. Rugby will give you a high intensity, full body workout that will transform your body faster than any gym programme.

  1. You’ll make unbreakable bonds: Nothing brings you closer to someone than having their head wedged in between your legs. We’re joking (sort of) – but it’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you take to the field with your 15 team mates beside you. You’ll want to throw everything on the line for them, and they’ll sure as hell do exactly the same for you.

  1. You’ll be friends with the opposition, too: There’s no such thing as bitchiness in rugby. Both teams that take to the field do so with a will to win, but rugby is a sport played with real respect for your opponents. More often than not, you’ll find yourself sharing a beer or two with the opposition after the match.

  1. You’ll be more attractive to guys: Most guys will find the fact that you play in a pretty rough sport a bit of a turn on. “YOU play rugby!?” becomes a somewhat predictable response when it comes up in conversation for the first time.

  1. You’ll get the best legs you’ve ever seen: Apart from when they’re covered in bruises, of course.

  1. You’ll be more confident: Playing rugby is one of the fastest ways to realise that, actually, you’re pretty damn resilient. This confidence will transcend the rugby pitch and spill over into your working and social lives too.

  1. Any body type is welcomed: You don’t have to be a 15 stone monster to play rugby – there really is a position for everyone. If you’re small and agile, you’ll make the perfect winger. If you’re bigger and stronger, you’ll have a lot of fun as a forward.

  1. You’ll have fun: Most importantly, you’ll fall in love with the sport. You will get muddy, you will get tired, and there will be times when you get hurt. But trust us when we say that nothing beats the adrenaline rush that comes with taking to the field on game day, or crossing the white line to score the winning points for your team. That feeling never gets old.

Plus with James Haskell’s new book “An Introduction to becoming and remaining RugbyFit” there is now no excuse you don’t know what to do.

The book, written equally for both men and women, has been positively reviewed in Scrum Magazine, as well as on TalkSport radio. The book is based on the experiences and unique inside knowledge James gleaned from being a professional rugby player and the only current England International player to have played at the highest level in the top four domestic leagues in World rugby.

The book covers a great depth and range of topics and subjects, addressing many of the issues, which will be important to you.

Issues which form the core and background as to what you need to achieve in order to firstly become a rugby player and then secondly to step-up, to become a more accomplished and rounded player.

To Learn More about James RugbyFit Book and read some extracts from the book itself, please click here. 

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